Coors Light Live!
© 2007, Moontower Records.

"Coors Light Live" a Coors Light promotional CD including five Jimmy Kaiser original songs. His new single "Cry" #1 on the CD will also be on the August CD-TX, Volume 57, cut # 7. Be sure and watch for "Cry" on the Texas Music Chart.

Price: $5.00 (shipping included)

Live at Antone's
© 2007, Moontower Records.

Fourteen Tracks of live music recorded live at Antone's in Beaumont, Texas featuring the Jimmy Kaiser Band.

"Jimmy Kaiser is definately one of Texas' most prolific young singer songwriters and he has proved it , but now, with "Pass Me That Bottle" he has come into his own. Don't Pass on this Great Texas Song!"

Rick Star
Texas Rebel Radio
March 9, 2007

Price: $14.99 (shipping included)

Download Price: $9.00

I'm Gone
© 2005, Moontower Records.
  by Jimmy Kaiser

Jim Shortt of Scene Magazine wrote: "This is up and coming Texas country singer Jimmy Kaiser's debut CD as a solo artist. Of the twelve tracks, Kaiser wrote or co-wrote nine. Texas artists Hayes Carll, Billy O'Rourke and Troy Johnson penned three. Total time is just over 45 minutes. Production and sound quality are first-rate. Musicianship is outstanding. Guest players include such notables as David Lee Garza, Big John Mills, Denny Mathis and Billy O'Rourke. The songs are classic Texas country with bluegrass, alternative rock and country influences. But the real strength of this album is... read more

Price: $14.99 (shipping included)

Download Price: $9.00

Spurlock Road
© 2003, Moontower Records.
  by Jimmy & David Lee Kaiser

"Spurlock Road" exemplifies what audiences can expect in live shows. It's exciting, diverse and the music spans the borders of alternative country, classic country, alternative and classic rock. The Texas Music Chart ranked Best Times as high as #26, Ringo reached the #25 spot and #19 on the European CMA Chart. In addition to enjoying success on Texas/Americana radio, Jimmy and David Lee were nominated for the My Texas Music Rising Star Award 2003.

Price: $14.99 (shipping included)

Download Price: $9.00

Country That Rocks
  30-Min DVD Special

  by Jimmy Kaiser

Interview by Jenny Thompson Live on DVD: "One Horse Town" "Back to Life"

See and Hear Jimmy Kaiser play his original music live, along with several interviews, which will help you get to know the REAL Jimmy Kaiser


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